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Getting the Vision Egg off the ground and maintaining it has been done by AndrewStraw. However, to really thrive, the Vision Egg needs you. As an open-source project, you are free to modify the Vision Egg to suit your needs and extend it to do your experiments. It would benefit the entire vision science community, however, if you incorporate your changes back into the distribution.

Please, if you experience a bug or a Vision Egg-related wish, send it to the mailing list. Open source projects such as this one depend on the users to drive development, and reporting of bugs is the first place to start. Furthermore, other users may benefit from your report, even if you’ve solved the bug for yourself.

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Eye Tracking

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`SR Research`_, the makers of eye tracking hardware and software, have
released Pylink_.

Pylink can be used with the Vision Egg!

According to SR Research::

  Pylink allows for tracker control, real-time data access, and
  external synchronization with eye data via custom messaging.

  Many people find Python to be a simpler, yet still powerful,
  alternative to C.  Pylink can also be used in combination with the
  excellent third party open source Vision Egg software; providing a
  combined visual presentation and eye tracking scripting package.

Distributed with Pylink is a modified Vision Egg demo using realtime
tracker data to move a Gaussian-windowed grating in a gaze-contingent
fashion. Following this example, it should be easy to create other
VisionEgg/Pylink scripts for a variety of vision experiments involving
eye tracking.

.. _`SR Research`: http://www.eyelinkinfo.com
.. _`Pylink`: http://www.eyelinkinfo.com/mount_software.php#Python

Question: Is pylink open source?
"The pylink module just wraps our C library for the EyeLink system, so
although the pylink source itself is 'open', it is just a thin wrapper for a
C API that is not open.
Sol Simpson
SR Research Ltd."