`[[Navigation(siblings)]]`_ We would like to thank everyone who has contributed suggetions, comments, and most of all, code to the Vision Egg.

To date, the Vision Egg has been primarily developed by AndrewStraw_, a post-doctoral scholar at Caltech in the lab of Michael Dickinson.

This project began while I was a Ph.D. student at the University of Washington and later at the University of Adelaide in the lab of David O’Carroll. While a Ph.D. student, I was supported by Predoctoral Fellowship in the Biological Sciences from the Howard Hughes Medical Institue.

Code contributors:

Jamie Theobald, University of Washington (Labview code)

Major enhancements to the ephys server/GUI code to use normal (or slightly modified) demo scripts in this environment were done by Imran Ali and Lachlan Dowd in the lab of David O’Carroll at the University of Adelaide.

An initial patch for stereo support sent by Yuichi Sakano and Kevin J. MacKenzie at York University.

Parallel port enhancements by Hubertus Becker, University of Tübingen.

Arrow and FilledCircle stimuli by Hubertus Becker, University of Tübingen.

DaqKeyboard and ResponseControl by Hubertus Becker, University of Tübingen.

Full screen anti-aliasing support (FSAA) by Mark Halko, Boston University.

Various patches by Tony Arkles (University of Saskatchewan), including a suggestion to separate camera motions from the GL_PROJECTION matrix and put them in the GL_MODELVIEW matrix, where they belong.

Patch for VISIONEGG_SYSTEM_DIR by Nick Knouf, MIT.