Download and Install/An Installation OverviewΒΆ


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Here is the big picture of what must be installed to get the Vision Egg
up and running.  This information may be enough to get the python-savvy
person started immediately.  Otherwise, read the detailed installation
instructions for your platform.

Dependency list:

  1. OpenGL
  2. Python 2.3 or greater
  3. The following Python packages:
     a) numpy
     b) Python Imaging Library
     c) PyOpenGL
     d) pygame
     e) Pyro (optional)

Install the Vision Egg from the source code package by changing to the
base visionegg directory (e.g. ''cd visionegg-1.1'') and then
executing ''python install''

For more specific instructions, including information about
platform-specific binary installers, click on your platform: Windows_,
`Mac OS X`_, linux_, IRIX_

.. _Windows: Download_and_Install/Install_on_Windows
.. _`Mac OS X`: Download_and_Install/Install_on_MacOSX
.. _linux: Download_and_Install/Install_on_Linux
.. _IRIX: Download_and_Install/Install_on_IRIX